Tweso interview


Tell us, please, when have you decided that graffiti is your thing? How did you get to it? Is there any interesting story connected with it?

I decided that it is my thing in 2007 after I finished my first commercial “order”. That gave me a good motivation and an impulse to develop my style not only in font compositions, but also just to learn to draw well. 

It’s obvious that your style that exploits the theme of local heritage at one time was a seed that gave birth to a whole trend and gained a huge amount of followers. Are there any of that followers you would like to mention?

I would like to mention the writer who writes “Ведро” (Vedro – Russian for bucket). I’ve first seen his fonts in Russian style in the first “CODERED” issue. I still consider him one of the strongest Russian type designers. 

You’ve been writing for quite a long time, have you changed your attitude towards graffiti? Are you disappointed? Alternatively, do you find anything new in graffiti as time goes on?

It has changed, indeed. At least I understood that if you have certain conditions and level, the only thing that you need to find something new is time. Commercial jobs to paint facades and interiors cover everything else.

We all know that you have left NOWE crew, what happened?

I left due to differences in the interests with the guys. I have always respected this team and we are still friends.

What’s up with a Bamcontent project? Should we expect your new videos?

Not any time soon, possible only one video, but it’s old. Unfortunately, the project is on hold since we need large financial investments to fix the damaged equipment.

Have you ever drawn in other countries? Which one is better?

No, I have only drawn in other cities of Russia — Perm, Tver, Valdai, Saint Petersburg, Obninsk. It’s cool everywhere. The atmosphere is different and, in my opinion, it’s far more dangerous to draw there than in Moscow, since it’s harder to explain your motivation to locals.

Can you distinguish underground from mainstream?

This question receives six points out of five. Every reader should ask it himself… Pasha Technic is the underground.

Could you give an advice to people who talk a lot, but do a little?

I recommend them to act in the talk-show crowd.

Thank you! We will continue to monitor your work.

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