Interview: Andrew KIT, “ЮГ” band

ЮГ (Yoog – Russian for South), also known for some time as "Южные Головорезы" (Yoozjnie golovorezi – russian for Southern Thugs) is rap band from Moscow famous among fans of the genre between 2000 and 2007. They made a significant contribution to the development of a Russian rap scene. The flow calls them Russian Mobb Deep and RAP.RU refers them as “One of the country’s main rap bands between 90s and 00s”.

Our editorial staff had an appointment and a conversation with one of the band members Andrew “KIT” (Whale) Chernyshov. We had a talk about the present, the future and the past at Anik Records studios.

Hello, Andrew!

This year the first lp “Дёшево и сердито” (Cheap and nasty) turns fifteen. What does “ЮГ band” mean to you now?

Today, “ЮГ band” is an essential part of me and it would be wrong to say otherwise. Much of what I am doing, what is dear to me now, has roots in that time period.

Do you still communicate with the other band members?

Strange to say, but we have almost no contact with the guys, in comparison with the time when we were writing our songs.

By today's standards, it’s been a while since the release of the album, what do you think of bands work now?

I guess, that after many years, some of our tracks don’t sound fresh enough, but the content is still relevant anyway. By the way, that is the reason why I chose them to remix.

What are the remixes that you mentioned? When are they going to be released?

This are the best ЮГ songs in my opinion, which were remixed by the people I personally asked. The occasion is 15th anniversary of ЮГs debut.

I’m trying to release it in December.

Have you ever thought to travel to the past to change something there?

I agree with a thought that life has no subjunctive mood, you can’t turn back the time. Everything happens on time and its place.

Do you write music now? How important is this process to you?

I don’t give up music, as I said, it is a part of me. Otherwise, my music is not quite modern, but I don’t care.

We know that you are involved in managing a teahouse in Moscow. Why did you make such choice?

Чайная Каста (Chainaya Kasta – Russian for Tea Caste) and my part in it is a result of 10 year way: from the first cup or pu-erh until now. It is possible to say that it’s not my choice, but it chose me.

We are looking forward to the release of the remixes. Thank you very much! 

CODERED x ЮГ release includes a sweatshirt CODERED “Firm” with a schematic of Moscow, where all of the band members were born and raised, and "Пока никто не умер" (“While nobody died” – title of their album) printed on it. 
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