G-SHOCK TOUR 2016 Russia

In 2016, GTOUR launches a new series of events that will cover new cities: 6 February — Rostov-on-don, 13 February — Krasnodar, 20 February — Sochi. GTOUR is an educational Casio GSHOCK project. As a part of the project, brands ambassadors and leading streetwear professionals lecture and give master-classes the second year in the row in cities of Russia. Educational part of the event combines with private party and a live show in harmony.

Here is the list of the people attending Casio G-SHOCK tour this time:

• Dima Oskes is an outstanding graffiti-artist and a founder of the FACES&LACES exhibition — a common space dedicated to relevant modern art, graphic design, music and fashion. In a few years, the project has become major and expanded into a full studio and event agency.

• Pavel Alyohin (Vishnyovii – russian for cherry-flavored) is one of the top mountain bike riders. He was the first Russian participant in the international show “Masters of Dirt”. In 2014, Pavel has released “Cherrybomb” series featuring him. In 2015 he founded traveling Freestyle Show. 

• Aslan Nirov (Bootuz) is a founder of the world famous PREDATORZ crew. In 2006, he became a champion of Russia and CIS, he represented his country on “Red Bull BC One” world championship in Brazil, entering the top 16 bboys of the whole planet. Later in 2007, he defended his champion of Russia title and flew to South Africa (Johannesburg). Since that, Bootuz has won many festivals and championships whether as a part of PREDATORZ crew or solo.

• Rita Nesterets is a blogger and a model. She is known as the founder of Moscow clothing brand CAPS LOCK and CAPS LOCK SHOP online store, the owner of long legs and a healthy lifestyle follower.

The event program:

• Aslan Nirov: “How to gain the world recognition. Way to the top in breakdance”.

• Pavel Alyohin: “How to become a successful athlete. The way from the street rides to international shows. Ways of monetization”.

• Rita Nesterets: “How to create a provocative brand producing sweatshirts and t-shirts with ironic prints, which every third fashionable Moscow citizen wears”

• Dima Oskes: “History of FACES&LACES development — the major local street culture exhibition. How to organize a large-scale subcultural event in Russia”.

Russian beatmaker and rapper NEL, whose track “Moscow” topped the NEXT FM charts for 32 weeks, is going to be the headliner of Krasnodar and Sochi concert programs. In December 2015 NEL released his new “VSOP” EP consisting of 5 tracks. The iconic Moscow rapper ЛИГАЛАЙЗ is going to be the headliner of Rostov-on-don. He is an MTV Russia award-winning producer, the founder and the participant of “D.O.B. Community” underground alliance and “Bad B. Альянс”, “Легальный Бизне$$”, “Bad Balance” hip-hop groups. ЛИГАЛАЙЗ’s debut “XL” LP is the top which he was climbing the whole 10 years of his career. In addition to the already known tracks “Первый отряд”, “Сволочи” and “Будущие мамы” the album includes nine more tracks. In 2015, ЛИГАЛАЙЗ has released five new videos with totally different style, idea and plot. UPPERCUTS community members and Casio G-SHOCK ambassadors DJ Pasha Fookin and General Mike will continue the party.

Separated lecture and concert venues are a distinctive feature of 2016 tour. In addition, as a part of GTOUR ART JAM project will be launched for the artists from Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Sochi. The event nominees for the best watch design sketches will get a chance to bring their ideas to life and to paint a blank Casio G-SHOCK watch directly at the their city. The unique atmosphere and the possibility to communicate with Casio G-SHOCK ambassadors await GTOUR guests.

All you need to do to get a GTOUR entry ticket in your city is to register on GTOUR site (gshocktour.ru) or in Casio Watch Factory store in the cities where tour takes place.

***Attention! Only those who register in stores will get to the participant list 100% guaranteed and will get a chance to take part in the drawing of the Casio G-SHOCK watch. Moreover, the first hundred registered in stores will receive presents from G-SHOCK and a welcome drink at the event!

In each city lectures will begin at 12:00, concert program at 22:00

On the subject of accreditation: pr@gshocktour.ru

Full information: gshocktour.ru

vk.com/gshocktour facebook.com/gshocktour

#gshocktour #gshocktour_russia

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