КОДРЭП 4 - DJ Anton Kurovoi & DJ Pasha Bronx

Anton Kurovoi aka A.Q is a DJ, vinyl collector, rapper, addicted to analogue sound from the plastic since 2000s. From that time, he started to collect vinyl and searched for a groove calmly. He collects old school hip-hop, underground hip-hop, funk, disco, soul, ska, latino, r'n'b.

He started DJ career in 2010. In 2012 he has recorded his solo hardcore hip-hop demo on Saint Petersburg underground label "Brooklyn Noise inc."

Pasha Bronx is a follower of Saint Petersburg hip-hop culture. Since 2004 he is keen on DJing. He began doing it actively about five years ago after visiting “Scratch-Art” party. From that time, he started to study turntablism and the scratch culture.


1. Everlast - Jump around (acoustic version)
2. The Herbaliser - Sensual woman
3. Versus - Mr. Blue
4. Buckshot LeFonque - Music evolution
5. El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M.
6. Wu-Tang Clan- C.R.E.A.M.
7. N-Tyce - Hush Hush Tip
8. The Mouse Outfit - Sit Back (feat. Truthos Mufasa & Black Josh)
9. Cypress Hill - Boom Biddy Bye Bye
10. Gravediggaz - Defective Trip
11. The Mouse Outfit - Shak Out feat Sparkz
12. KRS ONE - MC's Act Like They Don't Know
13. Group Home - Super Star
14. Fugees - Fu-gee-la
15. Das EFX - Real Hip-Hop
16. Lord Finesse - Instrumental
17. Gang Star - Full Clip
18. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
19. Onyx - Throw ya gunz
20. House of Pain - back from the dead
21. Propo'88 & Blabbermouf - pass it over here!
22. A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario
23. N.W.A. - Straight outta compton.
24. Beastie Boys - Get it together



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